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JuiceNet Enterprise: Vehicle-to-Grid Integration Platform

Cloud-based platform for grid balancing and optimisation

JuiceNet Enterprise Benefits

Powering all commercial JuiceBox charging stations, JuiceNet Enterprise delivers the financial savings and flexibility you need to efficiently manage your EV charging operations.

juicenet smart grid ev charging

Control Station Access

Set charging times and allow authorised users to access charging

Balance Your EV Load

Expand your charging operations without expensive infrastructure upgrades

Generate Revenue

Collect payment through mobile app or create invoices from reports

See System Health

A powerful dashboard and robust reporting let you monitor charger and driver activity

Save on Charging Expenses

Cap overall electricity consumption and manage demand charges

JuiceBox Commercial Chargers

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JuiceNet Platform Overview

Enel X’s JuiceNet provides the industry’s first and only platform to address the need to flexibly manage grid demand from high capacity EV charging.

JuiceNet is a patented communication, control and intelligence platform that dynamically matches drivers’ historical charging patterns, real-time input, and signals from grid operators and energy companies to aggregate and manage charging station demand.

Employing open APIs, JuiceNet can control any connected EVSE and coordinates periodic, minor changes in charge rate and timing, which the driver can override at any time. JuiceNet is employed by leading EVSE manufacturers, vehicle OEMs and other partners for the control of shiftable electric loads. 

JuiceNet Cloud Platform

  • Predictive modeling of grid events, driver behavior and network power regulation capacity

  • Virtual EVSE grouping with automatic load sharing

  • Market-based algorithms to optimise resource dispatch vs. driver requirements

Electrical Grid

  • Grid data ingestion, storage, and event generation

  • Collection and storage of JuiceNet EVSE time series telemetry data

Dispatch & API Access

  • Per-station dispatch of charge rate commands & local grid response profiles

  • API support for various user interface front-ends

  • API support for energy company & system operator access to charging network

Consumer Devices

  • User account creation and maintenance

  • EVSE control - time of use, real-time charge rate, override of network control signals

  • EVSE history, alerts and notifications

  • Driver Rewards platform

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Charging Station Management

  • Real-time, daily and monthly consumption reports

  • Assign devices and settings to locations and sublocations

  • Set charging station hours of operation

Authorised User Support

  • Grant users access to specific locations and devices

  • Grant access to authorised users and manage access at location level

  • Review state of charging stations: status, temperature, voltage, kW

Pricing and Payments

  • Payment collection in app

  • Set pricing by time, kWh, session or any combination thereof

  • Generate usage report & export data for invoicing

Automated Load Balancing

  • Limit maximum power load for each location

  • Monitor current load

  • Review maximum load per location and per day

Powering not only our family of JuiceBox charging stations, our JuiceNet platform offers smart grid control and revenue opportunities for partners.

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EV Manufacturers

EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) Manufacturers

Suppliers of other Load-shiftable IoT Devices

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JuiceNet Enterprise

JuiceNet Enterprise is a smart grid fleet management software platform that offers a powerful and affordable solution for EVSE operators.

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